Thursday, May 13, 2010

Outrageous kiddo

This week's Luck of the Draw is to come up with something outrageous you did as a kid. I had a couple, but settled on this one.

I wasn't much of a rebel child, but I did do silly things. I remember this VIVIDLY. I changed names, but our family used to hang out with another family who had kids that were my older sister's age. They were verbally awful to me and I hated going over there. I didn't force myself to throw up. We had pizza. I walked outside and saw a squished caterpillar, something that would have never bothered me. But for some reason, once I got in the car it HIT me. I actually threw up 7 times before I made it to the house. So Dad had to stay home with me. :) This isn't even the only time I got sick at the thought of going over there. Oh stress, you still do this to me in one form or another...

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