Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I had to do a quick lunch today, so I ran to Whataburger. I didn't capture the situation at all, but my fingers were itching to draw something. These 2 burly guys came in, looking like they had come off a construction site. One is about to sit down at the larger table on the corner, but his buddy stops him and is all Duuuude, Etiquette, man. I was really surprised, but soon amusement took over, because the only tables left were those tiny individual tables in the corner. These guys looked like giants. And sitting NEXT to each other was classic.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Outrageous kiddo

This week's Luck of the Draw is to come up with something outrageous you did as a kid. I had a couple, but settled on this one.

I wasn't much of a rebel child, but I did do silly things. I remember this VIVIDLY. I changed names, but our family used to hang out with another family who had kids that were my older sister's age. They were verbally awful to me and I hated going over there. I didn't force myself to throw up. We had pizza. I walked outside and saw a squished caterpillar, something that would have never bothered me. But for some reason, once I got in the car it HIT me. I actually threw up 7 times before I made it to the house. So Dad had to stay home with me. :) This isn't even the only time I got sick at the thought of going over there. Oh stress, you still do this to me in one form or another...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lotd: dual object

This week's Luck of the Draw asked us to draw something with a dual purpose. I stretched it a little bit and demonstrated how my dog, Baloo, can multitask for me. :)